Your Voice

Your VoiceAs your primary tool of communication, your voice is a thing of great power. 

The vibrations created by the passage of air through the larynx resonate through your body and out into the world, giving shape to what you think, what you feel and what you mean.  Many spiritual traditions recognise this power.

The Bible states that in the beginning was the word; Hindu and Buddhist mantras use combinations of vowel and consonant vibrations and the silence of certain orders of monks and nuns speaks volumes about the power of the voice.

As part of my training as a sound therapist I have become a daily practitioner of mantra and can attest to its beneficial effects.  This personal experience of the calming, clearing and energising effects of mantra is something I am very keen to pass on to others and can, if you wish, form part of a sound therapy session.

Voice work is a powerful and effective tool for well-being, and is something you can use independently for as long as you want.