The 40 Day Practice Programme

A unique approach

There is nothing else like this out there – believe me, I’ve looked.

I know that the hardest thing about meditation is not so much the doing of it – what could be easier than sitting down with your eyes closed.

No, the hardest thing is doing it every day. And yet it’s every day practice that makes it what it is. If you dip in and out, you might have a nice experience, but the neural changes that daily meditation brings will pass you by.

The 40 Day Practice Programme is my solution. Here’s how it works:

  • Pay a deposit
  • Choose a mantra
  • Choose a start date
  • Record your practice on audio or video
  • Send it to me for checking and acknowledgement
  • Repeat for 40 consecutive days
  • Get 50% of your deposit back when you finish

It’s that simple. 40 days is usually enough to establish a new habit, and some people who have gone through this programme (not all!) are now daily practitioners.


If you miss a day, you go back to Day 1 and start again. If you miss another day, you go back to Day 1 and start again. Miss a day a third time & the practice is over. If you want to start again, you pay a fresh deposit and the programme begins again.

Want to try? Go on – I dare you!