Bija Mantras – seeds of change

Cloudy Hill ViewI recently attended a healing workshop in Glastonbury where the subject of Bija (seed) mantras was part of the session.

Bija mantras are one-syllable sort of proto-mantras.  There are seven of them, one for each chakra.  Five of them start with a particular consonant sound followed by ahhh and then mmmm, and the remaining two are om/aum, the final one, for the crown chakra, chanted silently.

These mantras are extremely, almost primordially powerful.  They can be chanted in a variety of ways; long, steady and slow with the sound emerging gradually over a full exhalation.  They can also be chanted in fast repetition.  And, like all mantras, in perhaps the most powerful practice, silently.

My first exposure to Bija mantras was the slow utterance; it was several months later that I came across the rapid, cycling, hypnotic, palpably vibrational experience of the fast way.  Me being me, I dived straight in.  For the next few days I chanted them, three deep inhalations each, one after the other, up and down from root to crown and back again. Continue reading

Quantum Shopping

Jigsaw Puzzle colouredYou’ve heard of the law of attraction.  It’s been on TV and books have been written about it (so it must be real…).

It is real.  If you meditate regularly you are accessing it.  The ‘place’ of totality, infinity and peace.  The ‘realm’ of infinite possibility and potential.  The ‘level’ of unity and oneness.  I place inverted commas around those three words because language is unable to describe it.  ‘It’ is not a thing or a place at all.

Never mind that, for this post at least.  Once you know ‘it’, you realize that your reality is your own creation.

Whoopeedoo.  Let’s make stuff happen!

It’s easy.  All you have to do is get yourself to that ‘place’, visualize what you want and really mean it, repeat that process however many times and to whatever degree of accuracy you need to and, voila, it will manifest in your life.

There are some problems attached to this.

The first is that while you will get what you asked for, you’ll get other stuff along with it, stuff you forgot or didn’t think to mention when you were ticking off your list.  Continue reading