Long Time No Blog

It’s been a while…
And the beat goes on – mantra, Pranayama and meditation.

My practice is now over four years old and the changes it has brought continue to astound me. From sitting hunched on the edge of the bed chanting the Green Tara mantra, I am sitting straight in half lotus on the floor chanting the Green Tara mantra – so I guess not everything has changed!

One of the more random effects of this practice has been the discovery that my body is asymmetric. The right side of me is, in its entirety, bigger than the left. Continue reading

De Governors Greed : Brexit; fooled by the fools

Parliament Big Ben from Westminster Bridge - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack Moreh

I am delighted to say that my great friend Tippa Naphtali, campaigner, activist, scholar and gentleman is posting with me today.

Please check out what he has to say, he KNOWS HIS STUFF.

Almost 20 years ago, as a performance poet using traditional Caribbean prose, I wrote, performed and recorded one of my trademark poems, De Governors Greed. Friends and family told me then that the poem would remain poignantly relevant for years to come.

I have speckled this article with phrases from the poem.

With the recent car crash of the United Kingdom’s Brexit from the European Union (EU) this poem has once again come alive for me, particularly since some of the aftershocks of Brexit are now being heard and felt all over the country and even beyond it.

The keynote ‘rant’ of the piece was “The governor can’t fool me” evoking a principled approach I have adopted throughout all of my adult life, that I would never allow myself to become a mental puppet of the so-called established state whatever form it took. Continue reading