True Lies

By Nomu 420

Mohini – by Nomu 420

The female energy, Shakti, has many forms, as many forms as there are women on the earth.  One of those forms is Mohini, Goddess of Delusion and Bewitchment.

The story goes that Vishnu made himself into Mohini, so beautiful that she was able to trick the demons, the Asuras, into giving her Amrita, the nectar of immortality, which she promptly distributed among the Gods (Devas).  Here, the ability to delude is put to good use.

The way in which the human mind can be deluded, fooled, tricked into believing things that are not true, is an integral part of human life.  We all employ delusion on a daily basis; something as simple as answering ‘Fine thanks’ when we are in fact feeling dreadful, is the use of delusion.  Continue reading

Sonic Healing

Health Medical Doctor - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack MorehWow, look at this:

Non-invasive, instant results.

If this is for real, what a wonderful future for health.

I believe this is connected with how the repetition of sounds in mantra chanting affects the brain, the mind and the body.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha