It Couldn’t Happen Here – Could it?

Bereaved Children Speak Out

Bereaved Children Speak Out

The only constant is change.

Some change is welcome and some is not.  Some unwelcome changes are worse than others.  Personally, I can’t think of anything much worse than losing a loved one in sudden, unexpected, traumatic and mysterious circumstances.

That is exactly what happens to the children of those who lose their lives in custody.  All of a sudden, the person who looked after them, fed them, clothed them, loved them, is gone.  These kids are really up against it.

It is unfashionable these days to stick up for each other – to express compassion is to be labelled a ‘snowflake’.  Uniting to support each other doesn’t create profit for anyone.  The world we thought we lived in has been dismantled slowly and covertly over a number of decades, while we were all out shopping.  Suddenly we are faced with the stark reality of what we have all allowed to happen. Continue reading