Compassion and Forgiveness

Bright FlowerIn my previous post I wrote about compassion.  I want now to say a bit about how I see the relationship between compassion and forgiveness.

Compassion is the state of mind whereby no one is judged.  Does this mean that the one feeling compassion should be OK with others behaving just as they wish, no matter the consequences?  Does compassion mean rolling over?

I don’t think so.

Compassion is a necessary condition for forgiveness.  Without compassion forgiveness is not possible.  However, while compassion is necessary for forgiveness, it is not sufficient.  There is something else that needs to be present for forgiveness to happen.   Continue reading

Rhythm and Structure in Mantra

TingshaI quite often chant Om Mani Pedme Hum, the mantra of Avalokiteshwara, or Chenrezig in Tibetan.  This is the mantra of universal compassion.

Since the start of my mantra chanting activities, I’ve chanted it with equal lengths for each syllable.  It’s a beautiful experience.  There are many renditions of this mantra on the internet, including this one:

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In this rendition, which I enjoy singing along to, even when I’m having a curry at the Gurkha Inn in East Greenwich (no singing with your mouth full!) the Om is given twice the length of the other syllables.

Recently I tried it like this and I couldn’t believe how different it was.  Continue reading