A Cracking Victory?

cracked-glassWhen the global economy crashed nearly ten years ago, the first response of the people in charge was to act, hastily, to create the illusion that it hadn’t happened.

From a situation where there was no money left in the ATM’s (it was pretty close), impossibly large amounts of money were manifested, out of nowhere, so that everything could go on as before.  Yes, huge job losses, yes greater suffering, yes fewer opportunities.  But all that must have been deemed a price worth paying (by whom…) if it meant things would carry on as normally as they possibly could.

The problem was that it was not true, and this year the cracks have really started to show.

When an illusion is in power in a human dynamic, everyone trying to function within that dynamic is forced into a weird, contorted position in order to operate.  Ignoring reality and engaging with the illusion is painful, draining and ultimately sickening.  It leads to wasted, misspent time, wasted misspent energy and wasted misspent lives.  How long that situation can endure varies, but, in the end the illusion cannot prevail and reality breaks through.  Always, sooner or later. Continue reading

Ask me no questions…

Qustion MarksWhen is a lie not a lie?

If I tell you that if you give me an apple I’ll give you some chocolate, you might think that was a decent deal and hand over the apple.  There you stand, licking your lips, anticipating a nice piece of chocolate.

What if, however, I didn’t tell you that:

  • The piece of chocolate would be the size of a grain of sand
  • The quality of the chocolate will be extremely poor
  • You’re not going to get the chocolate until I decide to give it you
  • I haven’t actually got any chocolate right now
  • I’ll need you to pay for the chocolate upfront, actually
  • I’m going to grub up your orchard

Have I lied to you?

Too late, I’ve got your apple and very nice, fresh and crunchy it is too.  To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting you to give it to me – and I didn’t really want it.

Oh!  I just found half a worm…

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha