Sound Therapy

what is sound therapyWhat is Sound Therapy?

Simply put, sound therapy is the targeted application of gentle pressure waves of sound with the intention of enhancing physical and inner well-being.

A typical session would involve a guided visualisation to aid relaxation, followed by the playing of Tibetan, Nepalese and quartz crystal singing bowls. This slows the brainwaves, both by focussing the attention on the unique sound of each bowl and via entrainment with the steady sonic waves set up by these extraordinary objects, played singly and in combination.

I might sing, hum or tone to create a variety of intervals.

The chakras are then attended to with the use of tuning forks, employed singly or in pairs, each combination chosen intuitively as I sense the energetic activity at the seven centres.

A variety of rhythmic and percussive tools are then to ground and re-centre the attention within the body, before a period of silence. Each session is unique in its composition, this is only a guide.