Sonic Healing

Health Medical Doctor - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack MorehWow, look at this:

Non-invasive, instant results.

If this is for real, what a wonderful future for health.

I believe this is connected with how the repetition of sounds in mantra chanting affects the brain, the mind and the body.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

Economic Forecasts

spider's web with rainSo we’re all going to be poor for the rest of our lives, comparatively poor in any case.

Right, well let’s have a look at the nice picture.

It’s not a very good picture.  Difficult to spot, right in the middle, is a small, rather dull-looking spider.  Despite the visceral shudder that goes through me at the sight of spiders, I have a lot of affection for them – almost as much as I have for worms.

The spider is one of the great cleaner-uppers of our planet.  They pad about the place hoovering up all sorts of mites and weeny pests that would otherwise over-proliferate and upset the balance of life.  They are dignified, quiet and self-possessed in their solitary mission.  And they trap all sorts in their extraordinary webs.

Those wonderful webs.  They are made of a material stronger, weight for weight, than steel, and are essentially a mesh made up of some of the very few straight lines that nature has to offer.  When the web gets broken, the spider just fixes it.  Continue reading