the wave imageSonic treatments for body and spirit

We live in a web of vibration, where the waves of our breath, heartbeat and brain rise and fall with the sun, moon and the stars in perpetual oscillation.

When we are out of synch, we feel it.  The application of sound waves can be effective in bringing us back into harmony, resetting our natural inner frequency.

Using a combination of ancient knowledge and cutting edge science, this non-invasive treatment gently recalibrates your unique vibration, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and more ready for whatever’s coming next.

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A wheel within a wheel within a wheel within a wheel…

Stones‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ Hamlet act 2 scene 2

The power of our thoughts in shaping our reality is greater than we can ever really fathom. In its infinite scope, our minds are capable of conceiving of almost anything, even of infinity in a finite world.

Our mind is a meaning-seeking machine, an organ of becoming. A piece of rock becomes a potential tool, a series of three notes becomes a tune, a comet becomes a portent. We create reality via acts of interpretation.

In the West we have become used to regarding the mind in broadly Freudian terms. The conscious is informed by the subconscious. The subconscious mind is beyond our reach and yet is feeding our conscious mind the whole time. I have two main hesitations around this:

  • It views the mind as a zone of potential danger
  • It takes no account of the influence of the physical on the mental

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