About Me

Emily Wilkins

Emily U L Wilkins:  BMus Hons, Cert Sound Therapy
07941 929 457 – Axminster, Devon.

I’ve been playing music all my life.  I started learning the piano at the age of three and have been composing and improvising ever since.

I worked as a session musician, providing keyboards, bass and backing vocals, mainly to reggae artists during the 80’s and 90’s, before returning to my classical roots in my mid-thirties.  Studies in compositional technique, harmony theory and aesthetics kept me busy for five years. 

Sound Therapy has given me a way to work with the fundamentals of music – intervals, tones, pitches, rhythms and textures, as well as with my voice.

Sound interacts with our minds and bodies in a variety of ways; water is an excellent medium for the transmission of sound and we are largely water; sound waves oscillate in an infinite spectrum of combinations, moving in relationship with the vibrations of every cell of our body.  We don’t just hear sound, we feel it.

My work is to sense what’s happening with every person I work with and create a sonic environment to help each individual along the path to better health of every sort.

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