True Lies

By Nomu 420

Mohini – by Nomu 420

The female energy, Shakti, has many forms, as many forms as there are women on the earth.  One of those forms is Mohini, Goddess of Delusion and Bewitchment.

The story goes that Vishnu made himself into Mohini, so beautiful that she was able to trick the demons, the Asuras, into giving her Amrita, the nectar of immortality, which she promptly distributed among the Gods (Devas).  Here, the ability to delude is put to good use.

The way in which the human mind can be deluded, fooled, tricked into believing things that are not true, is an integral part of human life.  We all employ delusion on a daily basis; something as simple as answering ‘Fine thanks’ when we are in fact feeling dreadful, is the use of delusion.  The same can be said of the unfaithful partner who says they were working late when in fact they were playing away.  Delusion can be beneficial – oiling the wheels of human interaction, or it can be destructive – the deliberate employment of falsehood for personal gain.

It strikes me that we are entering a time of great delusion.  The current and up-coming kings of the world play with truth and lies in plain sight while we all look on through our screens – gasping at their audacity, shaking our heads at their wilful immorality, wondering at the sheer brass neck of these people.  Nothing can be taken at face value.  With reality and illusion being deployed as if they were of equal value, even the shock of finding that our leaders are liars seems rather quaint and old fashioned.

As in most of life, it ain’t what you do but the way (the why?) that you do it.  Frankly, it is difficult for me to think that the large scale manipulations of reality we are currently experiencing, lies that change fundamental outcomes for huge numbers of people, are happening for the common good.  But it also strikes me that these post-truth leaders, adept at media manipulation and perception management, are a natural consequence of a global economic structure predicated on wealth that doesn’t actually exist.  The credit bubble of the nineties and early noughties was, essentially, a looking-glass world.  Now that the looking-glass has shattered, it is little wonder that the leaders who have emerged from the behind the mirror would be skilled in the arts of delusion.

As the story of the Goddess Mohini shows, there is a place for delusion.  But deliberate and wilful rejection of reality must be carefully handled in order that it not run amok.  So hold onto your hats, trust your breath, the good earth and the faith of those with whom you share your love.  It’s going to be a crazy phase, best buckle up.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

One thought on “True Lies

  1. ‘When the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies’, Grace Slick sang out. But something good may come out of this, as we turn to the inner spirit and to music for guidance.

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