Stacked pebbles.

Stacked pebbles.

With over three years of daily practice under my belt, I’ve seen lots of changes in my life.

The way I see things, the way I interpret things, the way I deal with things, the way I feel about things – all of these are better.  More peaceful, more calm, more measured, more effective, just better.

It’s not just my mind that has changed, however.

My body too, has undergone a gradual but palpable transformation.  Sitting with my spine straight and unsupported, my torso upright and holding its own weight, has given me core strength the like of which I could never have imagined possible.  Also, I have felt the asymmetry between my right and left sides even out slowly.

I’ve known for a long time that my right leg is a bit longer than my left, but sitting cross legged on the floor every day has made me aware that there is a big difference down the whole length of my body.  My right side is bigger, longer, denser and stiffer than my left.  Sometimes I feel the asymmetry even in warmth on the right side and coolness on the left.

Because I got so far in to my life (48 years) without this daily activity, it’s taking time for things to settle down.  When I begin the meditation, after chanting 108 mantras and doing some pranayama breathing exercises, for most of the time I’m “meditating” I’m actually feeling what’s happening in my body as the breath slowly percolates through the stiffness, gradually loosening and lightening the denseness, the joints relaxing and the muscles letting go.  It’s quite surprising to become aware of how much tension it is possible to hold without knowing it.  As the symmetry increases, my mind becomes still and after a while I am aware only of the breath coming and going.  What a lovely state of being that is.

The division between mind and body is something in which I no longer believe.  Body and mind/brain form a whole system, each one feeding into, off and through the others in a flow of cause and effect – it’s not as if the brain exists separate from the rest of the body.  The distinction between the two is, in my opinion, an illusion.

Essentially, I’m on a voyage of discovery with all this, and so far it’s all been well worthwhile.  I look forward to continuing this journey – who knows where it will take me?

Thank you for reading, have a great week

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

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