Decisions, decisions

about me imageFrom time to time, situations arise whereby a decision is required.  Do you say yes or do you say no?  Do you say stay or do you say go?  Do you say in or do you say out?  Do you stay still or shake it all about?

What’s better, what’s worse, what does it matter?

Is this an issue or just hot air and chatter?

Whose choice is this?  What should I choose?

What could I win, what could I lose?

Who should I favour, the few or the many?

Does cash really care if it’s a cent or a penny?

Should we look inward or broaden the view?

What’s good for me?  What’s good for you?

(That’s enough ‘poetry’ thank you)

All things are interdependent.  Nothing exists in its own right.  To ignore this is to court disaster on the micro and the macro.  Comprehending the interdependence of all things involves compassion.  The problem with compassion is that it requires a bit of effort.  When we are poor, tired, insecure, scared, stressed, exploited, worried, angry or just plain fed up, most of us simply can’t be bothered with compassion.  It’s too much hard work.   That makes us vulnerable to the agendas of those who are not poor or tired or insecure or scared or stressed or exploited or worried or angry, who may seek to manipulate the weakness of others for their own benefit.

In my view, the decision we’ll be making tomorrow is a pantomime.  It is an internal party matter, born of a long-standing refusal on the part of some to accept that our empire, built on slavery, the annexation of common land into private hands and industrial scale suffering, is over.  Somehow, this internal matter has been allowed to blossom into a putrid bloom, the smell of which is going to spread over the whole world.  Well done us.

Whatever the outcome, I do hope not too many people are going to be disappointed to find that they don’t wake up on Friday morning to tea and scones on the lawn while friendly peasants in straw hats play Morris music in the fields of Merrye Englande.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha






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