Karma Postscript

Galaxy Of GalaxiesThe unfolding of Karma operates in a very simple way.  But in a world packed full of people and things, its progress is impossible to ascertain clearly and easily.

There is big Karma and little Karma.  Personal Karma and collective Karma.  Global Karma and local Karma.  Slow Karma and quick Karma.  Planetary Karma and bacterial Karma.

Buddhist and Hindu traditions speak of impermanence.  There is no one thing you can point to and say ‘That has always been there and always will be’.
They also speak of the interdependence of all things.  There is no one thing you can point to and say ‘That is simply what it is and has no relation to any other thing.’

Impermanence, the interdependence of all things and the unfolding of Karma constitute ‘what happens’.

Some Karma unfolds so slowly that we are unable to see it for what it is.  What looks to us like normality, as ‘the way it is’, is in fact a work in progress.  Nothing is stable, nothing is static.  The only constant is change, even if that change is happening at such a miniscule pace in the context of our short lives and our collective memory that we don’t see it as change at all.

In my daily practice, I chant the mantra of Green Tara.  I have also chanted the mantras of Lakshmi, of Charmundi, of Lalita, of Saraswati.  My research has led me to believe that if you go back far enough, the lines of identity that seem to separate these goddesses become blurred.  In the end, these female principles all boil down to one principle – creation.

Behind all that exists lies the power of creation, and it is the force majeure of the human mind.  It is wielded by us all in everything we do – as individuals and as a species.  With hope, we can use it wisely.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

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