Rhythm and Structure in Mantra

TingshaI quite often chant Om Mani Pedme Hum, the mantra of Avalokiteshwara, or Chenrezig in Tibetan.  This is the mantra of universal compassion.

Since the start of my mantra chanting activities, I’ve chanted it with equal lengths for each syllable.  It’s a beautiful experience.  There are many renditions of this mantra on the internet, including this one:

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In this rendition, which I enjoy singing along to, even when I’m having a curry at the Gurkha Inn in East Greenwich (no singing with your mouth full!) the Om is given twice the length of the other syllables.

Recently I tried it like this and I couldn’t believe how different it was.  After 108 recitations I sat immobile for about five minutes, full of the most beautiful feeling of peace.  I’d never felt like that before with this mantra.

It really brought home to me what I’m doing, chanting mantra every day.  

Every experience we have affects us in some way or other.  If someone is nice to us it leaves us feeling lovely, if someone is horrid it leaves us upset and shaken.  A beautiful sky can make us feel happy on our way to work, while a rushed and difficult commute can take a good while to recover from – just a few examples.

Chanting mantra every day sends a regular vibration through the body and mind, setting you up for the day.  It creates structure inside the self, meaning that when this or that event or experience comes your way from the outside you are better able to deal with it calmly and not get knocked off course.

The most important thing mantra protects you from is the machinations of your own mind.  That’s why the word ‘mantra’ itself means – that which protects the mind.

I’ve chanted the mantra of Green Tara every day for over two and half years now and it’s done me the world of good.
Here it is again – have a great day!

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

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