Quantum Shopping

Jigsaw Puzzle colouredYou’ve heard of the law of attraction.  It’s been on TV and books have been written about it (so it must be real…).

It is real.  If you meditate regularly you are accessing it.  The ‘place’ of totality, infinity and peace.  The ‘realm’ of infinite possibility and potential.  The ‘level’ of unity and oneness.  I place inverted commas around those three words because language is unable to describe it.  ‘It’ is not a thing or a place at all.

Never mind that, for this post at least.  Once you know ‘it’, you realize that your reality is your own creation.

Whoopeedoo.  Let’s make stuff happen!

It’s easy.  All you have to do is get yourself to that ‘place’, visualize what you want and really mean it, repeat that process however many times and to whatever degree of accuracy you need to and, voila, it will manifest in your life.

There are some problems attached to this.

The first is that while you will get what you asked for, you’ll get other stuff along with it, stuff you forgot or didn’t think to mention when you were ticking off your list.  You can ask for a nice man to knock on your door and ask you out for a drink; in due course he’ll turn up with his invitation.  If you forget to ask that he not have bad breath, or rather that his breath smell OK, watch out for halitosis.  If you said that you would like him to be taller than you, he will be; but maybe you forgot to say that you’d also like him to be a bit of a beef-cake.   So, can you fancy the willowy beanpole standing on your doorstep?  If you neglected to stipulate that along with intelligence you would like him to be humble and free of arrogance, prepare to sit and worship while he talks your ear off, as if lecturing to an admiring audience of grateful students.  You get the point?  You can never cover it all.

On a less pragmatic note, there is the matter of motivation.  On the quantum field, as I’ll call it here, intention is all.  While it will supply all you ask for, all you expect, all you may think you deserve, the form in which you are supplied will be affected by the spirit in which you have asked.  It is not for nothing that the old wives used to warn us to be careful what we wished for, as we might just get it.  This brings me to the crux of it.

What do we meditate for?  Personally I do it for the way in which it both calms and energizes my mind.  I don’t know how it does it but it does.  For better quality of life all round – relationships, dealing with problems and difficulties, health, sleep, mood – everything better for everyone.  For the doing of it.

Shopping on the quantum field – applying and enacting the law of attraction – seems, to me, all squiffy.  The whole point is freedom, non-attachment, peace, the falling away of subject/object duality and the inevitable compassion of unity.  Taking your wants, your wishes, your desires, your self-designated dues, your causes, onto the quantum field sets up a certain chain of effects, a certain quality of outcomes.  This is because to do so is to manifest attachment out of non-attachment.

I cannot say what the specific quality of the outcomes are, but I am put in mind of the difference  between acquiring a tan over decades of outside work growing vegetables in your garden and acquiring a tan via short, intense bursts under a sunbed.  Or the difference between losing weight by improving your diet and levels of exercise and losing weight by having liposuction.  The difference between loving for the love of the one you love and loving for what it can do for you.

Taking your desires onto the quantum field is effective.  Which of us, however, can ever be sure that our desires are just?  That they are good?  That they are truly and primarily to be of service to others and not secretly in the service of ourselves?

It is the spirit in which you encounter the quantum field that decides whether getting what you want is what will make you happy.  Getting what you want and being happy are not always the same thing.

To my mind the only thing worth asking for on the quantum field is a good heart.  The rest will take care of itself.  And how that happens is the real secret.

Peace to all

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