Em’s Oms – a western woman’s adventures with mantra chanting

Emily WilkinsI’ve been chanting mantras every day for over a year now. What an incredible time.

I started because I was stressed, depressed and generally pissed off with myself and with life. My state of mind was affecting everything, including the quality of life of my partner. It was for him, really, that I gave mantra a go. It was either that or get some happy pills from the doc – not an option I wanted to consider, really.

A year ago I only knew one mantra, which was said to grant any wish held in mind while chanting it. I’d ‘used’ it only once, a long time ago, to prevent my cronky old car from overheating in an inconvenient spot. It had worked back then and I’d never forgotten it. So, having told my rather bemused partner that I was going to try chanting mantra, because it was that or anti-depressants, I dived in.

Feeling a bit of a wally, I sat on the edge of the bed, shut my eyes, took a deep breath and just, well, chanted it. After about five minutes I stopped, opened my eyes and thought: Blimey. I found out soon after that the mantra I’d been chanting was for money. It worked, pretty quickly (ten days or so and an unexpected windfall turned up).

A few weeks in, I was amazed by how chanting mantra was making me feel; so much better. I began to realise that this was something really unusual, a whole new way to approach life and I started to ask myself some serious questions. What was this thing I was doing? If it could magic money out of nowhere in a matter of days, what else might it be capable of? And was that the point of doing it anyway? Wasn’t that a bit of a crap way of approaching it? I

Questions Questions
Pop back soon and read more of my mantra adventures…

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